Suspicious letter from ENVATO

Recently I received such a letter from ENVATO, I have never received one, so it seemed suspicious to me.
“We’re excited to let you know that you’ve been selected to take part in a new, experimental beta process of music content submission to AudioJungle…”
The next step I need to follow the link from this letter and send scans of my documents for confirmation. Has anyone received the same letter?

Did u checked the sender mail?

No, but they were talking about authenticating authers by checking there documents, stilI is odd they sent papers when they could have sent an e-mail. Would not fill them out unless Envato can confirm that it’s them that wanted your information.

Sent via Two letters arrived. And Google sent them to spam. This struck me as suspicious.

Envato have previously announced that they are confirming author identities. It started with new author applications, and has begun to roll out to current authors as well. Perhaps this is the inquiry you received?


Get in touch with envato author help center they would like to more explain with more details.