Surreal Estate - Project Feedback

Hi guys,

I was wondering if you could provide me feedback on a theme I am developing to hopefully get submitted on themeforest.

Here is the link:-

I have already submitted it and it was 32 days into the process of review but now this has been removed from my Dashboard and I haven’t heard anything about it, whether it was hard rejected. soft rejected or whatever.

Any ideas?

If it was soft rejected then you should be able to see it under “Hidden Items” page on your Dashboard. Thanks

And if you get hard rejected do you not get any sort of reply and are not allowed to resubmit the same theme with amends?

You should have got the email for any kind of reject. Check your spam folder. If you got nothing then contact Envato Support
Yes, you can submit the same item with some significant changes done.

Envato recently had a glitch in their email system so there is also a possibility that your email was sent to someone else, see this: Got an email from Envato?!

Seems that was the case, they sent me a link to the reviewers feedback which went to a 404 page (and I was logged in) since then I’ve had no reply? :confused: