or clone (soundcloud follow for download)


I am looking for someone who can create something like or

I have a pro team of marketing people and we want to start something like the above websites.

Some things it has to have:
Pro membership through Paypal so you can create unlimited gateways and a free one were you can create 4 gateways.

A option that artists/labels can add artists to the default gateway (these artist will automaticly followed with every release they make)

A option so that people can add co-artists to the download gateway.

And a option to see artists with 3000+ followers that downloaded your track.

I can pay you, but we also can make a deal so that you a % of the Income of the website through Paypal so if we earn for example 100 dollar in a month that you get for example 50 dollar (because ofcourse the marketing team gets money for thier work)

I can do the HTML and CSS for the website, so you dont have to make the complete website.

Interested in collaberating in the project and that you get a % send a email to this email adress:

if you want to get payed one time send me your bid trough a comment.