Support with no... support!


I have bought a KUDOS template with extra 6 months of support. The problem is, that I ask for a suppoort at authors site ( since 3 days and still have no answer. Themeforest, why are You offering something, that doesn’t work? I just asked for a few psd files for a one revolutionslider project of demo content… thats all… is this such a problem?

I understand your concern and upset. If the product is not working and the author don’t answer to your question you can ask for a refund.

First of all, make sure that the author is not in vacation mode. Maybe the author is not at the office these days.

In any case, you will either get a working product or your money will be refunded :slight_smile:

Best Regards!

Thx. I prefere to wait and recive the files… we will see how long will it take.

Better create a support ticket at Envato help centre

They may not provide one if it’s not on the theme download already or they may be selling the PSD separately

At images used for Revolutionslider there is a text “Left side PSD Resource” and “Right side PSD Resuorce” I asume that it’s for exchange samples by my own files. But there is no PSD files. Qode have just sent me some psd files of project, but it isn’t what I asked for.