Support unavailable after Essential Grid stopped working following update

I just updated Essential Grid on my wordpress site, and it has now stopped displaying the images on the grid, it is just grey, though the hovers appear. I thought I would submit a support ticket, but my support has expired. So I tried to renew, and had to purchase a whole new licence, which i have activated. I then follow the link to get support, and when I try to submit a ticket, the support center says I have no premium licences.

I am therefore at a loss as to how I can get support to fix this issue, and I am frustrated that I have had to purchase the plugin twice, and still can’t get the support it says I am entitled to. Can anyone help, both with the grey image issue, and how I can get the support I have paid for to get it fixed?

Thanks for your help.

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I also have this problem. Essential Grid stopped working, but I am not able to get support, without renewing, my support. I don’t want to renew my support, because I bought a product which normally would work.
Looks like they are trying to collect some more money from the people who already bought it.

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