Support - Theme not available in my downloads history

I am currently facing an issue with my theme. I am not able to use the Visual Composer anymore. It keeps on loading and it won’t do anything else. So i started searching the cause of this issue and i soon realised that i am using a very old version of the Impreza thema (V1.1). The current version seems to be V3.8.2.

The next logical step was to update my theme and see if this would solve the problem. But as soon as i checked my downloads history i was not able to find my Impreza theme. Only another plugin that i have downloaded a while back.

Could you please let me know how i get my theme updated? Thanks in advance!

Are you sure you bought it on this account? Files will not be removed from your downloads unless:

  1. You refunded the file
  2. the item has been removed by the author (which is seems not to have been)

Only support can really help with this. You an email them here they can check for you

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for the quick response. I will contact support for the matter.