Support system

i want to stop supporting clients from comments page and support through a seperate support system (not sure to go with ticket system or forum)

i am looking for following features, if anyone knows a system which has these options (free or paid), please let me know

  • envato purchase, support verification system
  • user can add multiple purchase codes
  • depending on purchase codes, he can see forum categories
  • public (notices) posts option
  • forum to have sub-forums option
  • ability to post notifactions
  • multiple support staff option
  • cron to check support expiration, purchase code sale revesal checking etc
  • mark a thread visible to all members or only to staff and thread creator

if you think support system needs, any other features…please write below


Our plugin covers a lot of the things you are looking for.

Many envato authors are using it, including ourselves :slight_smile: