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The Sweet Date theme is said to have “Extremely customizable and awesome support” but in fact no one answers all my attempts to contact the author.
I tried on their website and everywhere. I tried everything possible.
Moreover, I notice that Theme Forest does not have a support chat where you can ask a bitter question. The biggest site of its kind and you have no one to talk to, no one to ask anything.

Presumably you tried the authors official support site

@SeventhQueen are a very highly regarded author and historically were replying to item comments very fast so you could try there.

Envato do not have live chat because of the scale of the marketplace and the fact that they do not own or develop the items sold here but you can still contact the Envato Market Help and Support

Yes, I did try on their site.
I need to buy this theme, but I have some questions before.

Then item comments are definitely the right option

I tried there, but there is no new comment button.
How can I add a new comment?

You have to be logged into Themeforest then the comment box is right at the bottom of the page.



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Thanks, i find it. Is very bad position, on the bottm of the page and if there are many comments on that page, is non intuitive to be far away in the bottom.

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Right If comment show on top it will be better for customers @charlie4282 @KingDog @BenLeong

That item has an unusually excessive number of comments but I imagine the idea behind the UX is that often answers can be found in existing comments so by placing the reply box at the bottom, hopefully it encourages people to read existing answers first.


I need to buy this theme, but I have some questions before..


As above, use item comments

Hey, as advised by Charlie please ask any question you might have on the Item comments page.

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