Support Services (or lack of) on

It’s unfortunate that I have to say this, but I find it poor that themeforest or envato generally does not offer live chat support to their customers. There are smaller companies that offer live chat support. For the size and the amount of money envarto rakes in from profits of authors work, you would honestly think that they would provide live support.

I personally think it is so they can get away with certain questions being asked which they know they don’t want to answer (and to avoid extra running costs obviously).

I believe this support should be for accounts queries only, not for queries over products.

Is this something that is in the pipeline? There really is no excuse if it isn’t.

An example question I want to ask is… is there a reason that, when I get a refund from having made a debit card payment why I can not use the credits I have without adding a PayPal account?

You would think this would be allowed as you have already taken the cash and paid it back in site credits instead of cash refund. Now, you want to force me to add more payment methods instead of just knocking it off my bill! Crazy!

You would need to email support about refund requests but on the live support - envato don’t own or create any of the files so they are extremely restricted in terms of what they can/cannot answer in relation to any of them.

Arguably they could answer (to an extent) certain queries but even refunds rely on author response so is quite likely to be something they cannot give a definitive answer to.

If you know of another site of a similar size that uses the same model then it would be good to see how they manage it?

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