Support Scam?

To follow the progression…
I buy a plugin and use it. An author updates the plugin. The plugin stops functioning. I email the author to ask for help. The author emails me back saying per Envato’s rules he can’t answer any support questions unless I pay for a support subscription. Seriously…WTF?!? Why would I ever trust Envato with another purchase again?

It seems logical to me, if you need support, you have to pay for it in case there’s more than 6 months from your purchase(6 months are included).
The fact the plugin stop working might not be the author fault, but he still has to investigate your setup and see what causes it, might be another plugin, etc, and this all on his own time. Nobody does work for free, you can’t expect to pay few bucks on a plugin and get unlimited support when only charging for a single hour of work costs more than most plugins on sale on Envato.

L.E: And yes, you should trust Envato for this reason. This way Envato helps authors to stay in business so that 3 years from now on when you need support again for your plugin, the author will still be around, and indirectly Envato helps you too this way.

You’re essentially saying that I can see a Samsung Smart TV demo in a store, buy it and take it home, then a mandatory update happens as soon as I connect it to the internet. TV stops working, but I would have to pay the Geek Squad to get it working again. Your argument is based on the the author not taking ownership of his/her product. There is no logic to this and it’s crappy customer service. If the product works like it’s supposed to, I would gladly recommend it to clients and colleagues. If this is the support and service that comes with it, there is no way I’d put my name on the line by recommending someone purchase it or use Envato.

I’ll pay for advanced functions and customization gladly, but basic functions that stopped working after an update? That’s not ok.

Yes, if the TV is out of warranty you pay for fixing it. Same here, your warranty was for 6 months. need more, get more warranty, is that simple. And anyway, you’re comparing a physical good with a digital one, the rules are not the same.

The way you write, you’re obviously intelligent, but you don’t get the basics.

  1. Author makes an update that breaks the system
  2. Envato says “Too bad - don’t trust our authors’ updates if you don’t want to pay us to fix when the new update breaks your system”

As a customer, I would never use the service again after seeing this. As a consultant, I would never recommend any client ever uses Envato again after seeing this. As a product reviewer, this experience would definitely come into play. This makes no sense as a business practice for Envato. It’s far easier to maintain customers to acquire their future business and have their recurring business because they are not cheated, taken care of, and trust your business than it is to try and find new customers, adding the risk that they will read reviews of other customers’ experiences before they make their first purchase.

You did the update, that’s on you to check if the update was done properly and is working with your setup.

  1. Put your site back to the old version (if you have a backup)
  2. Check the update is compatible with your setup (e,g, software such as php)
  3. Do the update again and make sure you follow any instructions to the tee.

You paid for an item and got 6 months support, it then broke when YOU did an update, you are out of your support period so will have to fix it yourself (googling can help) or pay the author or another developer to look into why the script is broken.

Is anyone else putting the same issue on their comments page? Has the author said it’s a know issue? UNLESS the item is faulty you will have to pay for the support to get it fixed, the developer deserves to be paid for the time they will have to spend working out why the update has broken your install.

NO one will ever offer unlimited support for an item, it only takes your server setup to change to break it, but then the developer could spend 3 hours diagnosing an issue that’s not down to them. Surely as a “business consultant” you would know that you need to be paid for the work you do.

If you feel the item is broken and it’s NOT your fault and the item is buggy then open a support ticket to Envato and ask them to look into it.