Support is not getting back to me!

I need help! I purchased the Ultimate Membership Pro plugin a good while back. I’m now trying to get it work on my site and I have come up with some issues I need help figuring out. Nobody would get back to me so 3 days ago I paid another $40 for an additional 6 months of support and I sent my question. And nobody has gotten back to me. This is very frustrating!!! Can somebody tell me a better way to get support? This is ridiculous!!!

Just to be clear you are asking the author and not envato right?

I guess so. but I have tried contacting the author in the past (I don’t even remember how I did that)… and he never responded. If an author is not getting back on a product that thousands have purchased, especially after customers pay extra for additional support, this is not good for Evato. Do you know what I can do?


The author is replying to comments in under 24 hour so maybe leave one there

@azzaroco are very highly regarded so it doens’t seem like they would not be replying if it’s all done through their support channel

Hi, well it’s been much longer than 24 hours. I believe it’s goin on 3 days. Plus I sent him messages before I purchased additional support and he never responded. So what would be your suggestion? I do appreciate your help BTW!! What’s the best way to contact them? I have already sent them two messages thought the support link in additional to sending multiple messages directly to them.

Their support says it can take a couple of buisness days (appreciate that you are saying it’s already been 3).

I’d leave a comment on the item and explain that you submitted a ticket and asking if you need to do anything else

Thank you! I’m guess I’m frustrating because I first sent multiple messages a few weeks ago explain the issue I was having. And I asked them to let me know if had to first renew my support license to get them to answer my question… They couldn’t even respond to those… Then I finally decided to purchase additional support and I still haven’t heard anything. I’ll try to give it another day. But if they don’t get back to me, do you know how to request a refund? If they aren’t going to reply to my support question, they need to refund me… Thanks