Support is not awful for this theme!

This template support team has been a joke! I have been waiting for days to get support. When I do get the support that is acceptable that takes a day or two to get a response.

The support tickets go through not sure what that is but its where I submit tickets. I’m two weeks behind in getting this template fully done just by asking a few simple straight forward questions.

On several occasions, I have had to ask for access to support because the support page is not recognizing my purchase code: [redacted] (twice)

The bottom line, I need help via a direct email address so I can finish this site ASAP! Someone, PLEASE HELP!

Here is my last support ticket post:


Keep in mind that they are an independent author and not a company, plus COVID-19 has been affecting the workflows of every business around the world. Those two things combined can drastically effect how quickly they can respond to your support tickets.

Since they are the creators of the theme, they are likely the only one who can help with your issues.