Support is going to the wrong profile

I need to get support on my Total Theme.
I have tried to use but keeps going to the wrong profile.
slbillett the support on this one ended 5 june 2024

key xxxxxx57b37

I have 2 Purchase codes under BABwebmaster2019 where my problem is

xxxxxx6189a2** - 26 Apr 2022 REGULAR LICENSE
xxxxxx05c1ef2** - 29 Oct 2019 REGULAR LICENSE

But even if logged in on envatomarket it goes to my slbillett profile so I can’t get support.

Please help I have tried for days to sort this.

Contact their support or the author of the item:

Thanks for your help and suggestion

I have tried all of this last night it just goes to the wrong profile what ever i do.

I really need to speak directly to who controls the support link. I was hoping they might see this or Total Theme might see this and help.

It’s the author.

Hello! We do not provide support on the forums as the only way for us to validate customers is through the Envato API. We will ask the developer to take a look, but please make sure you are logged out of your alt account and logged into the correct Themeforest account that was used to purchase the theme when signing up for support.