Support Hub beta launched!

Hey all,

I’m launching the Beta of Support Hub today to coincide with the launch of the new Envato Support Policy.

Support Hub is a free WordPress plugin that will (eventually) help you answer and track your support questions over various networks ( Envato Comments, Twitter, bbPress, Facebook, Email, HelpScout, Github, etc… )

There will be fancy graphs showing how long you spend on support and tools to give support staff access to certain products (without giving them access to all your accounts).

There will also be a way to request encrypted password details from customers, and a way to accept small payments for custom modifications.

Happy to hear any suggestions or feedback. It would be even more amazing if a few people could try out the beta and let me know if it works :slight_smile: haha

Here’s a screenshot of the current beta, which only supports Envato Comments and bbPress at this stage.

  • The first two support messages are from Envato Comments, the third is from a bbPress post
  • The users purchase history (and total price) is shown in the sidebar next to the message
  • The users other messages are shown in the sidebar (see the 3rd bbPress post)
  • Can clearly see if a user has Purchased an item, or if it is a Pre-sale question
  • Can clearly see when the users Support pack for that particular item expires


More details on the blog:

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You are the MAN! :smiley:

WOW that looks awesome

love this … really a lot.

Very lovely plugin. I used to make pretty similar plugin and presented it in a WordCamp but yours is much more completed.

Some ideas:

  1. Notify to staff over email, page title changes (show unread messages on browser tab) maybe with an alert sound.
  2. The main page (Dashboard) should go with latest unread messages, not the statistic stuffs, you can put the statistics to a new submenu. It will help staffs access the Inbox page more quickly.
  3. When I press “Archive” button for a message, “Message Archived. Undo” message should disappear after a few seconds to save space, and a new message will need to pull up to fill enough for example 10 messages.
  4. On the sidebar, allow staff to click on customer’s username to go to his/her profile.
  5. I’m using bbPress on the support site, and it’s annoying to force me use it as a remote site by dealing with XML-RPC thing, there should be a way for local/internal method to connect with bbPress.
  6. I have no idea what “Outbox” does. I’ve sent some replies using your Support Hub and the Outbox is still empty.

Keep up the great work with this awesome plugin. Support is always the most important thing for every online business.

Wow thanks for the great detailed feedback!

Yes the xmlrpc was quite tricky to deal with, local would be much easier. Adding as an option should be possible. Might do that when looking at importing blog comments to support hub. Cheers

Seems awesome. Thank you @dtbaker :smile:

I blocked xmlrpc on htaccess to prevent DDoS Attacks. :frowning:

Looks awesome!

One thing that bugs me is, its working inside WP Admin. I wish it worked on front-end, So that once logged in, we can keep that tab opened. When its inside WP Admin, I feel I’m configuring something not using it.

I think, this will work fine with a shortcode?

Good luck :+1:

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Are you mind reader by any chance? I was going to type the same :wink:

It’s easier (for the developer) to run it in wp-admin because it’s an isolated area (no clashing with theme styles), not to mention that he can make use of admin ui components.

Cool… Seems BABAJI’s Black Magic is working now :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks great can’t wait to give it a try and read through the code! Awesome stuff!
Will it always be provided for free?

  • AJ

ps: Does anyone know if Envato is ever going to add support for “private” comments so customers can post wp/ftp info and “hide” it from everyone except the support staff?


Yep always free. I want it to get big

Private comments would be good. That’s one reason I created support hub, to give a “private comment” feature to existing networks that don’t have it (bbpress, Facebook, Envato, etc)

Awesome. It’s a very nice plugin and perfect solution for providing support. And now I don’t have to spend the time to build it myself :wink:

Once it’s live though I’m sure you can think of some good ways to offer premium features though to make some profit from all your hard work.

Again thanks!

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Amazing plugin! Will be my only reason to ever use WordPress :smiley:

it looks cool :wink:

Latest release is out: bunch of fixes.

Swapped this around :slight_smile:

New “Load More” button added at the bottom. Not automating just yet as I had some issues loading automatically from my mobile.

This might have improved now.

When you send a message it goes into the “Outbox” straight away, and the system processes the actual send in the background (so you can keep getting on with replying without waiting for message to send).
If a message fails for whatever reason it will show up in the Outbox and give you the option to re-send it.
I will probably hide outbox unless it contains a message in the next update.

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Also it now looks great from a mobile, quickly answer support from your phone when out and about.

You’re the absolute best mate! Just waiting on Ticksy integration and I’ll be all over this, can’t wait to see where you take this in the future!