Support forum for Soledad will not let me post a ticket despite purchase, unable to receive support

Hi, I have been using the Soledad theme for over a year and have not had any issues/questions until now.

I went to place a support ticket on the PencilDesign forum, however when I try to prove my purchase it simply takes me back a step, therefore I have no way of receiving support.

If anyone could help or has had this issue and knows a solution I would really appreciate it!

The support period for the theme lasts for six months (if you haven’t extended it to 12 when you’ve purchased the theme). You need to extend it for another six months if you need author’s assistance. You can do that under your ThemeForest account / Downloads.

Alternatively, you can contact the author via the item comments section, but author is not obliged to help you without the valid support:

Thank you very much for the assistance, I wasn’t there during the original purchase, so I wasn’t aware of this, but will look into this now. Much appreciated.