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What do you guys think about it, I’m a little confused… A person purchases WordPress theme from my shop and uses it to create website for his client. After a bit of time something goes wrong with the site - who is responsible for providing help: me as a theme author, or the person who bought and installed theme for his client?

Sorry if I used wrong category for this one :slight_smile:


The sad truth is, you will be contacted about things like this a lot. Whilst a great portion of your buyers will be brilliant, lovely people with great technical knowledge, an increasing amount of them will be people capitalising on your products, selling them to users with promises of “first page on google” and similar, and then coming to you when they can’t live up to this.

Increasingly we’re seeing users with little to no technical knowledge selling themselves as “web developers” on the back of using a WordPress theme, we even had one guy last week run his site through an SEO tool and send us the read out, when I asked him to actually read what he’s sending me and analyse it he admitted he didn’t even understand HTML.

99% of buyers are brilliant, lovely people who really do make you smile, make your day better, and most importantly, form your business core. It’s the increasing 1% that sadly will cost you the most time (therefore money).


Yeah, well. I wanted to know who’s the right person to provide help then. I feel like people earn by installing my themes and yet I feel bad to tell anyone “Hey, go ask the person you’ve bought it from!” :slight_smile:

That’s why I ask what you guys do…


Help them is what I do! Depending on the question of course, if it’s theme customisation I send them off to a partners site.