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Hello. I just subscribed to Envato Elements and picked out the theme I wanted to use, but there is an error. I was told I have to pay $50 to have the author install the theme and fix the error. Is there any way I can get support without paying so much?

How do I DM?

Envato Elements does not provide technical support for any items. More info Here.

Envato Studio is a freelancer platform. If you would like for doing this job I would certainly recommend one of the experts at Envato Studio.


There is an error in the theme. The product is faulty and I have to pay $50 to fix it?

out of interest may we know what error are you getting?

You can view it here.
It’s in the gallery section. I have tried reinstalling multiple times, and still same error.

We decided to switch to a different theme.

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Just to make you aware - Elements items do not come with the lifetime updates that Themeforest files do either.

If it’s for your business and you are not experienced with WP development, then it may be wise to consider buying the full copy

I understand that it doesn’t come with lifetime updates, but this was dead out of the box. It shouldn’t even be listed as a product as it has an error.

as far I have checked I think the error is throughing because of php competibility issues. I can guess your hosting server php version is php 7.2 or greater. So, always better to download any item that is uptodate with wordpress version so that it can be compatible with latest technology/tools. Thanks