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Support for SEO Crawler - Digital Marketing Agency, Social Media, SEO WordPress Theme

I have purchased the above theme but it doesn’t install. Can you help me to install the theme as soon as possible.



First thing please confirm that you have purchased WordPress theme or not. If you purchased WordPress theme and can’t install then please check this:

You have to download the Item from your Envato Dashboard Download then have to unzip and you will see a .zip file name with matching your theme name. You have to install that themename .zip file.

Also you can unzip your purchased download and check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary support in documentation how to install and all necessary help. If you have still problem with the theme then The best way to get the support is Contact your purchased Theme Author.



When i am uploading theme in a zip format i will get error “The link you follow has expired .” Just resolve it as soon as possible.


please provide full page screenshots of that page.



are you sure you have purchased wordpress theme?


ANy update???




provide url of the theme and screenshots of file structure of your purchased theme after first unzip.




Please its a request to look into this request on priority.


Please upload the 2 .zip into your server theme folder then unzip and from wp-admin=>appearance=>theme active the child theme. Hope it will work for you.


solved the problem?



Thanks for asking your question at Envato Forum.

Here is your item support author of @GoodLayers Here

they would like to assist you.

How to contact any Item Author from Here

If they ask about purchase key then collect from Here

Still have any question open a Envato help ticket from Here



No…Still facing isue…


kindly look into the above problem…


why are you not contacting theme Author for getting support! :slight_smile:


Heya @dineshjadhav,

With regards to the “link expired” error, that’s typically an issue with your server’s memory limit being too low (or something among those lines). Try these steps:

Check file size limits

PHP has two configuration options (post_max_size and upload_max_filesize) which limit the size of files you can upload into WordPress. If the theme file you’re uploading is larger than these allowed sizes, you will experience this error.

Please contact your web host and ask them to increase the maximum sizes to be larger than the size of your theme file. You may also be able to change these settings yourself via a php.ini file.

Check memory limit

Double check that PHP has enough memory to install your theme. This will be under an option named memory_limit, and I recommend setting a memory limit of at least 128M. You can ask your web host to check this for you, or refer to any of these guides:

Alternatively, you may add the following code towards the bottom of your wp-config.php file by editing it over FTP or a file manager provided by your host.

define('WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '128M');

It should look like this:

Still not working?

If none of the above helps you, I would recommend that you contact your web host for support. They may be able to debug further and find the exact cause of the error. If they tell you the error is due to an issue with the theme, please contact the author for assistance.

Hope that helps!


Hi Team,

Can you please help me to edit the content on theme. I am unable to edit the content.


Sorry to hear that. But we cannot help you with that issue, since we aren’t the people who made your theme. All we can do here is give you general advice for common WordPress issues.

What you need to do now is contact the author (developer) of your theme. When you purchased the theme it came with 6 months of free support. Envato does not provide theme support – only the developer(s) of the themes do.

Here’s the support link for your item where you can contact the developer: