Support for removed items

How does one get support for an item that has been removed?

How does not file a complaint when the author does not respond?


How old is the purchase?

Dec 18 2018. Less than 6 mo, and I bought extended support for 1 year. The items were removed within a couple of weeks with no response from the owner to date.

Reach out to support they will be the right people to look into it and help you

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In theory, when removing the “supported” stat from an item or when removing an item, the author should still offer support for the remaining 6months (or one year) to the ones who purchased it, right? Should this be enforced by Envato?

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Yes, you are correct. Even if an item is removed you are obliged to provide support to all customers until their support period expires.

Some authors gives awesome support even after they delete the item. It depends on the author. But as an obligatory phase, after deleting the item, you are indeed obliged to provide support for the following 6 months and 1 year for those who extended it! :slight_smile:

Thank you.