Support for Charity, Pearl, Kunco, Chantas, and Alone themes

Hi, I’m new to this forum and am looking for feedback on these themes: Charity, Pearl, Kunco, Chantas, and Alone. I made a mistake buying another theme a few years ago because the author refused to support his theme, provide even a minimal level of instruction, and would not refund my money.

Has anyone had experience with the above themes?

I’d be grateful for your thelp.


I suggest focussing on item comments and reviews.

The danger of unrelated forums or pages is that:

  • not everyone (buyer or author) will necessarily give an entirely honest account of their experience

  • they may not have the skill set or experience to make accurate judgement.

  • on item pages you can see if people actually purchased an item rather than just passing unfounded judgement.

Also make sure you are familiar with support policy to help manage expectations.