Support expert looking for job


My name is Rodrigo, and I am a WordPress themes developer. In fact, I am an Envato elite
author. Actually, I stopped producing my own themes because it demanded a
lot of time, and I also need to focus on my studies. So, I have been
working for the support staff of Pexeto ( for almost five years, and, during the whole year 2011, I also worked in that position for Webtreats ( As you probably know, those 2 are some of the greatest sellers of Themeforest, in terms of amount of sales.

Now, I would like to take a couple of extra hours of work per day,
and I am therefore looking for a support position. I have deep knowledge
about creating themes, and providing support for some of the best
selling themes in Themeforest.

I am obviously skilled in WordPress, HTML, CSS and jQuery.

You can check my Themeforest profile here, with more than 5000 sales:

Hope to hear from awesome Themeforest authors soon!