Support: Envato UX issues, suggestions, mis-clicking opens track page, etc...

I have no clue where to start a support discussion, sorry if this is the wrong place.

Clicking anywhere other than the tiny play button in a list of tracks in envato elements opens the track page. It doesn’t open a new tab for the track page, it jumps to that page.

I’m trying to sample hundreds of potential tracks for projects and not spend all day doing so. Accidentally opening the track page for 2-5 out of 10 tracks I click the play button for is driving me insane. It just seems like an obvious UX design issue, on a site that sells materials for designing sites.

While I’m here, also would like chime in support feedback for Audiojungle/envato elements in the lack of functionality for auto-pausing tracks when a new tab is opened to play a track, and the lack of functionality to scrub through a tracks length in preview before having to open a tab to listen (in audiojungle, this functionality already exists in elements, which is great, but if I slightly click outside of the bounding box, it launches the track page, main issue). This is particularly frustrating when going through a collection to find the one track with the one thing, but have to open a tab for every single track to skim through it.

Soundcloud, bandcamp, etc… They all have these functions, and those aren’t services meant for business or the user’s time-management taken into consideration.

Help a customer out please.