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I am requesting support from Designova. I can not get into your support forum for a NEXT theme of designova, I have bought the theme. Help.
I bought/purchase your NEXT theme on, I need support, they tell me what to consult/query at
How can I access to make my query?
Can you register me?
My name is José Manuel Naveira Valiño

I can not find where to make the query.
Thank you very much!


Maybe we can loop @designova into this thread. They may be able to help you get into their forum :smiley:

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Ok! How can I include?
Thank you.


As we have already replied on your comment on themeforest item page,

We provide support via our official support forum:

You go to this page and create your account to post query on forum thread for NEXT theme (shown in same page )

You need valid purchase code (if you don’t have it, ask your client who bought the theme) to join support system. This is to validate your license. Once you post query on our support forum our support team will get back to you there.

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Thank you for notifying us from here :slight_smile:

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I have entered the link and requested registration by sending an email to wordpress [at]
I await your news.