Support API Question

I am currently in the midst of developing the new supported_until variable into our support system so when March 1st comes around we won’t be providing any free support to users who haven’t paid but I have a quick question perhaps a staff member can answer.

Once the user reaches the end of their support period for that product, I am curious on the way they can reinstate support. Do they have an option on the product page to simply pay for another 6 month support period and the same purchase code gets a newer supported_until date? I’m assuming this is how it works I just want to be sure so I can develop the system appropriately to allow the user to refresh their support for a product on our site.


The feature to “Extend Support” isn’t available yet, but will be released before 1st March.

Yes the purchase code wont change, you’ll just have to re-check the code to see if the supported_unit date has changed.

Sounds good, thanks for the information.