Support and Authors Responsibilities



I’m author of a popular yet complicated plugin. It’s complex by nature, I mean it may cause few incompatibilities with other complex or non-standard plugins. In some cases fixing these kind of incompatibilities are hard and sometimes technically impossible.

A buyer truly expect from support to get a working product, from other side I can’t spend days to make it work with any plugin.

What is my legal responsibilities? What is your suggestion?


If there are conflicts between plugins like

  1. because of your plugin, any other plugin breaks or stop working
  2. or because of other plugin, your plugin stops working

Then you are responsible to fix the plugin.

If there are styling issues then its up to you whether you want to fix it or not.


Actually not quite so… If you advertise your plugin as a standalone plugin you are not responsible for other plugins and their functionality. The same goes for plugins that you offer compatibility for. As those third party plugins are not a part of your product, you are not responsible for their malfunction (for any reason).

On the other hand, theme business is different. If you include a plugin in your theme, then you are responsible for everything related to that plugin.

#4 see “Hosting, server environment, or software”.

Not responsible but if there is known conflict with third party plugin you should explain that in plugin description.


@rayoflightt agreed. For both themes and plugins business, you should mention what is not supported. Buyers cry if they come to know about the unsupported plugins and they demand a refund.

Paste a large banner in item description and tel them to contact author before using this plugin with other plugins.


Thanks for replies! Good ideas!

So if someone request refund for an incompatibility, it should be approve. right?

Does it matter if the buyer is ‘supported’ or not?


You have no obligation to approve refund for incompatiblity with third party plugins. Should not be approved.


Yes, its up to you whether approve or not a refund. Buyer only has a choice to give 1 start rating :smiley: