support after 1 year

Before to buy this theme, I would like to know what happens after 1 year concerning the support ? (if we already took the extension for 1 year when we buy it)
Apparently we have to renew the licence : how do we have to do to renew it and how much it will be?


Here’s the latest info you need on how much it will be…

As for how, not entirely sure how you’ll buy it as extending your support isn’t available yet, due to everyone still being within the initial six month period (the new support feature was only introduced recently), but I’m sure there will be an announcement when it’s up and ready to go.

ok I’ll have a look, but it is strange that the maximal period is 1 year

You will be able to purchase more support time soon, Envato is working on it :blush:

Ok thanks but if I renew the license I’ll have a new support for 1 year again no?