Superb Audio Quality for a great price


Hey everybody,
just wanted to share my joy about my new audio interface, the Audient ID14.
If you’re considering getting a (new) audio interface atm, you should definitely check it out.

I wasnt happy with the Audio Quality of my Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 anymore and wanted to upgrade to an RME as soon as possible. But since I cant spend 800,- Euro or more right now and dont necessarily need more than two inputs, I recently read so many good things about the Audient ID 14 that I finally gave it a try.

And wow, for 269,- Euros, I got a sound quality that’s far superior to my Scarlett 6i6. Clarity over the whole fequency range, so much more definition in the bass, pristine high fequencies and most of all a so much better stereo field and space definition. Easy installation and drivers working perfectly with Win7 64bit regarding Latency.

And also important: Talking to their support on the phone for almost an hour (when I first thought I had a latency issue and it turned out it was my stupid fault), they are the most friendly and patient people on earth.

So,no, I’m not working for them nor getting any money for writing this, I just wanted to share this because good audio quality makes it so much more fun for ourselves and of course, our customers, especially for such a reasonalble price!

Cheers from Berlin,