Super confused about the refund system here..can anyone explain?

I sold a music boradcast (1 million) license over the weekend and today I received an email that the buyer mistakenly purchased a standard license first and then realized their mistake and purchase a broadcast license which is all cool but now I have less money showing. How is this possible? Thank you!

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I think they will have refunded the buyer for the standard licence and taken this off your earnings

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They must have cancelled the first license they bought by mistake, support would have initiated the refund. Envato could have given you a heads up first, but oh well.

However, as the Broadcast (1million) as few real application, you should keep an eye out to make sure they shouldn’t have gotten a higher license. TuneSat could be useful here.

Yes but they still purchased a new license so why isn’t there more money? Am I just really dumb and not getting this lol

but why take it off my earnings…i def. earn more than 11 dollars for broadcast licenses…i just dont get it.

They probably brought the broadcast license prior to asking for a refund, so you got the money then, and now they just take the first Standard license off your earnings.

If you check your statements, you should see the Broadcast license sold to this buyer show up sometime in the past.

EDIT: you said it yourself, you sold the broadcast license over the weekend. So not sure what your issue is… do you mean that you now have less money that before this weekend’s Broadcast license?

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