Summer Party - Lost music, want to buy 'old' track but cannot find it.


Hi guys,
About 6 months ago I was working on a video project and downloaded a music file as background music. Now finally i got the greenlight for the project and want to buy the file, without the watermark etc., but cannot for the life of me find it. The download was called summer party.

File can be found here:
I would really love to get my hands on this track without the watermarks. Any help is very much appreciated!

I failed miserably thinking id be able to find it back in chrome’s history, but that only keeps like 2 months. Never expected this project to drag on so long…


you can upload the file to which will tell you where it is on audiojungle (if it still is up for licensing). If you can’t find it this is a similar track that could help you out.

all the best!


That website is great! Thanks! It has found the file, but sadly its not purchesable anymore. Meh. Thanks though!