Summer Dance flyer hard rejected

Can anyone tell me why this flyer is rejected? thnx


I would say that the main thing that let you down was all the different fonts and scales,etc.

Putting italic with the main header, was risky, as is putting DANCECLUB - THE… in capitals below the ENTRY,…text.

Best to study my ones, (avatar, link) and others, before trying again.

But the main graphic is probably fine.


ok thnx,
so the bottem typo is the main issue. Ill work on it

hi indeed this is very sad that u messed up with really great central composition with unique elements by making something too flat typo wise buddy , u have a really greta base to work with as mention the composition rocks, colors are good and u have created a real atmosphere in this flyer … Now u need , according to me to lower everything but teh footer … so that the composition is more central indeed , get rid of the italic (that looks old or outdated in most cases) and use a more typically party flyer font of your choosing (dropping a shadow behind to add more depth would be welcome in my view), something harmonious with what u have at this stage … try to change the position of the date maybe in a banner after “gonna dance …” finally change the typo of the footer for something more modern and in keeping with the theme and u should be done :slight_smile: good luck buddy :slight_smile:

I approved my typo but rejected again.

That is because the horizontal spacings are out.

Text should be in an egg shape, or PARTY EVENT, first, AT second, and nothing third, since it would most likely be wider than AT.

Never have wide text, then less wide, then wider than the second line, as you will get a soft rejection at best, and in the bin at worst.

You really need to study my ones and others, then copy how we organize the text groups, colors and spacers, but even after all of this, it might be the central graphic?

Evnato can still reject something if they feel it is oversaturated, but l still think that the graphic side is good.


Rejected again and again after improving my typo by looking at the typo from the flyers from tmcom.
Don’t understand it anymore. the design is good enough.

Yes, @anon93157897, phew, glad you followed my advise, and l am a bit surprized it got rejected.

But it is probably because of the speaker? Models cannot be included in the final download, so if a customer likes that speaker, they are out of luck.

The text is pretty good, but l would watch the top text group, pretty hard to see the T in ENTERTAINMENT.

I have done designs as good as your one, and got rejected, so it is best to take a break, and try again; you will get there eventually.


Ok i give it a break. meanwhile I designed a second version of Dance Flash.
In the queue now.

I think I got the main problem of both flyers.
the artwork is cutting of near the title in a straight line.

Just put a gradient of the same background color, behind the LB COM… part that should remove the issue.

And maybe put something inbetween the main header and MUSIC PERFORMED BY part.

If Envato thinks that the main header and lower text are together then it becomes a risk.

I always put something like a line or stars, etc inbetween text that isn’t following the rules, just in case.


Big chance to get approved now.

Yes, the top text is fine, but l would stay with the previous text down the bottom.

Good luck.


he is rejected.
It;s big frustration

Approved. thanks to the usefull advice from tmcom.


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