Suitable limmitations to unlicenced downloads

Hi People

I’ve recently started to learn iOS development and one way I like to do so is via just creating things. For this reason I started up a subscription so I could get access to allot of different projects so I can find the project with the design that fits a look that I like so I can have a go at implementing it.

That being said, I am worried that if I go downloading a bunch of themes I might be doing the wrong thing. Is there a recommended limit so that I don’t end up doing wrong by the authors and the site owners? With no consideration for this I would probably download allot so that I can source inspiration from a wide source of really good work done by the authors on this site


Heya Michael! If you’re using Elements and using it for inspiration and not planning on selling the source code of the author on marketplaces without permission, you’re good to donwload as much stuff as you need! :blush:

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