suggetion about code copyright

Hello Everyone,

how are you all? hope you are well. I am a web developer. Actually, i am new on Themeforest. I am trying to develop a new product for the ThemeForest.

i want to know if i use admin panel free template design. will Themeforest hold the copyright nor not?

please suggest me to the senior developer

  1. depends on the commercial license

  2. free tends to be for a reason any may not be up to the standards required for approval in terms of design or code

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thank you for respose me

I understand. if i have purchased an admin panel template from my friend but not give a license,
now if i work backend development on the admin panel template will Themeforest hold the copyright yes or not

Themeforest never own copyright to anything - it’s always the author.

Presumably the friend does not sell the admin panel elsewhere esp. envato?

No, he purchased from Envato

Then you definitely cannot use that.

To use an item that is also for sale on envato (regardless of you editing it) requires written consent from the original author (they need to submit a ticket to envato) and an extended license.