Suggestions on improving my best selling item

Looking for feedback
For example more icons or more features or launch a version 2
Anything that has worked for your projects

Thanks in advance


Very cool layout. Maybe if you add a version with colors and some sound effects … Make a sample video with its icons. Good luck!

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Some ideas:

For starters I think you can make the thumbnail much better, make the presentation more appealing, add some use cases (share ideas where people can use your projects, business presentations, financial shows, and so on) and maybe include such a preview in the presentation video as well…or you can stay with the minimalist approach as well…

However, something you can’t fail with is with adding more icons to the collection.
I have a “similar” item with a character and I just keep adding once in a while new characters.

I got inspired by risto.

When I first purchased his item he had 220 icons. Now he has 500.


:exploding_head: you are right, adding more icons is the way to go, thanks!