Suggestions on how to improve a business card design

Please give your feedback about my work.

Thanks .

hi if like the “cuts” effect that u have made , which brings originality to the table , indeed , otherwise the rest is a little bit too flat according to me … and the problem is that this effect , despite that this is good visually is a bit hard to understand concept wise. Now does it really matter ? i am not sure … but we cannot exclude that this is potentially not the same for some people …
for me bullets under the icons , as such , is not really convincing , this looks rather strange than any other thing, not only because u have squared everywhere otherwise and that circles and squares are not matching well but skipping one kind of values some information over some other , which makes no real sense here … i would indeed recommend that put some everywhere but opt for squared rather than circles …
finally , man! this is a shame for god’s sake … the representation, what a slaughter lol the plant is very badly out, there are no shadows and thus it does not look realistic at all and in the end this is put on short of a dull background, monotonous and disconnected with the plant in any way … just download a free mockup in the internet, credit the concerned guy and use your card in his work to value yours! lol the presentation alone is enough for u to have the thing hard rejected and as all detail matters , some other thing plus this big thing , u did not stand a chance in the end …

Just change the circle icon shape into square and mokup. Am i able to submit it.


Hard rejections need significant changes - otherwise you run the risk of having the account blocked.

Changing icons is not a significant change

as Charlie mentioned , this is risky , even if u fix all that i mention , is that supposed to be “significant changes” enough ? i do not know …

How can i know that my previous rejection was hard rejection

I was assuming that it had been submitted but didn’t get reviewed feedback?

If not then you can submit it as you want but personally (I am not a reviewer) I would say there this may still require work for that category

You get mail…form envato

Is it the significant change

Thanks in Advance

pls open a new thread for this