Suggestions? Looking for Wordpress Theme - Courier company


I am looking for a Wordpress theme for our Courier company. (Virtual PO Box in USA to Latin America)

We need a theme with customer accounts capability (We need our clients to be able to create their own account) also we need Parcel Tracking capabilities. Once our customers ship the content of their virtual PO Box to its final destination, we will provide with a tracking number, for them to be able to see where their parcel is.



Hi, did you find a theme for your project or came up with a solution? I’m looking for a theme it plugins for courier service website.


We are developing a theme in which the following features will be available but we need a little more information about this system. Can you please answer following questions.

Can you please explain what is Parcel Tracking?
Will Parcel Tracking be managed through API or through and Independent system?

Thanks a lot

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