Suggestions for finalising this track?

I made this experimental track with arpeggiated piano, strings and a sub(marine) sound, but I feel it needs something more. Can’t quite put my finger on it. Any suggestions? Or is it crap anyway?

It’s cool . Maybe you can work on your strings and piano dynamics. If i was making this track i would add cello definitely and probably some percussion. And I almost forgot , the ending should be more subtle. I wish you 1000 sales on this one !
Good luck with your final work !

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Well first I think this track has a great potential, but obviously it’s not finished yet. It sounds like a great idea but it needs to be expanded somehow. If I would have to finalise this track, I would consider doing this:

1- Work on the song structure. You may want to have a bridge somewhere. At some point in the song you may also try some chords substitution, while keeping the same melody - or the reverse - try an alternate melody while keeping the same chord progression.

2- Try to have a small progression in intensity throughout the song.

3- Work on those strings. The melody is fine, but you have to check out the articulations you’re using. You can alternate the staccato / spiccato with legato, to produce something that is more realistic.

4- In my opinion, this song would greatly benefit of having more instruments. Suggestions: Low Pizz, sheaker, etc…

I really like your idea! Your song is really refreshing. You only need to work on the presentation a little bit.
Good luck!

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I think you need something in the background to glue these parts together. I think a synth pad with a low pass filter, gradually adding highs as the song progresses, would add some cohesion to the track. Thats what I would do. However I like what you have here, it has potential.

And yes some subtle percussion would help as well IMHO,

Good luck!

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Thanks @Echobrainz @Stereophone @MattyFrench for the useful suggestions.
I can certainly work with these!
Nice to have this forum opportunities.