Suggestions for creating a secure subscriber site that allows input of data to be manipulated into a report


I am creating a wordpress site that would do the following:

  • Promote 1 product with subscription pricing options which can be purchased on the site
  • Include a secure, paid subscribers area that people could access with credentials after purchasing a subscription
  • The subscriber area would have some instructional pages - and also some pages where the subscriber would create a student record, or multiple student records that only their account can see and they would enter information about that student in forms on the site. The site would then take that information and turn it into a report - placing the inputted information in specific areas of the report. The report would be viewable on the site and able to be converted to a printable pdf.

This site is hosted at Hostgator. That is as far as I have gotten.

What suggestions do you have as far as themes and plugins to accomplish what I outlined above.


Ted Klopp

Almost 100% custom development.

There are membership and community plugins that could help with parts of it but given the intricate requirements in particular the report building aspect, you are definitely going to need to invest in custom build.

If you have a sensible budget then you could look for someone on

FYI if you are passing and storing that kind of data for numerous people then you will also need to invest in robust and secure hosting.

As a provider hostgator are ok but managing site capable of handling a lot of traffic and complex functionality with people’s personal info would be very very risky on a basic shared package

Hello @tklopp ,

As is charlie write you will not find out of box solution especially for that report option . For start Hostgator will be ok but latter if you have lots of visitors you will need to have better hosting.
I dont know how big is your budget but you need to hire professional guy who will develop such site.

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