Suggestions about viability, category, tags and even name of a track.

Hey guys! Hope you’re doing great. :slight_smile:

I’m currently finalizing a track and I’m really unsure about if it has a place in AJ or not. I tend to think it doesn’t. I’m not even sure about it’s genre. It has hints of americana, indie folk and a very vague latin influence.

So far, I’ve been thinking it could work as crowd funding campaigns background, travel videos and perhaps certain types of documentaries, but I don’t know.

How do you guys think I should name it? In which category could it fit? What tags should I use?

I’d really appreciate your feedback. Thank you very much in advance people!


Hi man, It sounds great, of course it has a place in the AJ!
I would name it Cinematic Indie Film , Indie Film Folk Acoustic even Acoustic Road Trip
I am not a fan of those names, but are proven to work nowadays.
Category: Folk Acoustic

This music is perfect for crowd funding campaigns background, travel videos and Independent Documentaries




Hey @MeGustaMusic! Cómo va!? :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for such encouraging, valuable and accurate suggestions. I’ll take them all into account. I’m not a fan of the cheesy naming either but sadly it’s the only way to get some visibility around here.

Will be doing some final tweaks tomorrow and upload it.

Un abrazo fraterno! :argentina: :uruguay:


It’s a great track, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t become your next best seller!
Great work Wormwood! Great name suggestions too from MeGusta.
Some tag words I’d use to describe it are wistful nostalgic acoustic folk


I agree with the others, very sweet track! I definitely could imagine this in an indie film or documentary. In terms of genre it could fit several places, I don´t think thats the most important. Maybe place it in a genre with not so much traffic.


Really great track WormwoodMusic. I’m actually listening to it on repeat for the last 10 minutes while writing emails. Really great atmosphere you created here. It reminds me a bit of the “Into the Wild” soundtrack (it sounds nothing like it I know, but the feeling you get from listening to it). Into the Wilderness could be a good ripoff title, but Road Trip seems about right. Campfire Love Story also came to mind (cheesy I know, but the track gave me the feeling of summer holidays and camping in nature with a group of friends).

For tags I’d include Nostalgic, Travel, Organic, Acoustic, Indie Folk and of course Uplifting. It ain’ Audiojungle if it don’t have the upliftingness…

Could also work great for advertising natural products, or anything with a handmade feel.

Sorry for the long post… I actually got lost in the music and started to ramble…


yes, listening to the track I think of nature, wellness, respect, kindness, goodwill.
Excellent track!!


Hi, buddy :slight_smile: Of course, this track has place in the jungle!!! Well idk if anybody likes these soulless naming methods, but… welcome to the jungle, this works, this goes.
Category: Acoustic Folk
Name: Cinematic Acoustic Indie
tags by genre: acoustic, acoustic folk, acoustic indie, cinematic, folk, indie
tags by usage: travel vlog, cinematography, film, photography, youtube, landscape
tags by atmosphere: uplifting, airy, inspiring, hopeful, positive, bright

Very nice track!

Nice week ahead :sun_behind_small_cloud:
Lilla from HoneyLoud


Hey everybody!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for all the amazing insights and suggestions y’all shared here, specially coming from such talented and personally admired musicians (I really mean it!).

Have a great week everyone and thanks again! :slight_smile:

UPDATE: Done. This tiny track has just been uploaded and there she goes “Into the Wild” :wink:


Hi, I am a zero track composer (for the moment) but I am trying my best. I listened to your track and I can honestly tell you it has a great great great emotional content, and if AJ doesn’t accept it well…I will give up submitting!!! I really like a lot. Very good job in these days of “corporate”.

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Thanks a lot, Julian, and welcome! Yeah, I’m far from being a fan of the “corporate inspiring motivational” wave, and my very few incursions in the genre kind of suck big time. Looking forward to hear some of your stuff! Best of luck, mate! :slight_smile:

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Hello there… I wanted to express my thinking on this track, forgive my focus on detail… :slight_smile:

Well at first is a great quality track and I have one suggestion which comes from a cinematic point of view, trying to put my self as a music supervisor of an upcoming project and I have to deal with this track.
Every single instrument you use, is an instrument you could carry with you on a road trip. So, all instruments fit together as a whole except for Piano. Piano gives me a city sound while all the rest is something that calls you to escape from the city. I would replace it with an extra steel string guitar playing along with the main nylon guitar you used or hiding it by giving it only chords, one octave lower. Final thinking the composition is really great, sweet and elegant. You have my respects.

As for the title… For me it could be “Family” under Folk Acoustic as @MeGustaMusic mentioned, while his recommendations on title are also spot on.

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Hi there! Thanks for such a beautiful, valuable and in-depth feedback. I think it’s really accurate and definitely worth considering.
I’ll try to find my self some time to re-arrange the piano part for steel guitar and probably will add it as an additional version, it works quite fine in the 2nd “verse”. This time around, though, the track has already been submitted and it already has 4 days in queue so, given the review times these days, I’ll cross fingers and hope it gets approved as it is. I can always include a few variations in the near future.
Thanks for taking the time to listen. I always appreciate this semiotic views about music.


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If this track won’t get approved, I’m goin to get really worried about Envato… I could vote this track as a featured against many already featured tracks, for sure.

p.s. “semiotic” word. I really had no clue that this word existed in English, though I instantly understood it cause, comes from a Greek word. :slight_smile:

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