Suggestion to modify item's creation date



Hi All,

There’s a big segment of people look at item’s creation date before buy it (of course i’m one of them :smile:) and if it old they avoid it although may be the item is worthy and they go to recently one and may be it’s not good enough like other.

Actually the only important thing is the item’s last update which indicates that the author interesting about his item and always update, fix and add new features to it besides item’s rate of course.

So i decide to try some modifications on this table (has item’s created date), so i put this CSS style text-decoration: line-through; to the created date to make a thin line over it, then i looked again into the page then i noticed that i’m interesting only about the item’s last update and the created date seems like invisible.

I think the ordinary buyers may worry only about item’s last update and the user rates.



It’s been discussed before but the big issue is that authors may make tiny modifications which are relatively irrelevant just to appear in the latest updated lists