Suggestion required to improve my theme

I am working on my first Theme forest template, Please review here…

I need your suggestion , support and instruction to make this template a standard TF theme.

Your colors, spacing, etc are very basics, I think that it’s rejected on themeforest, your need learning better html for accepted sell themeforest, regards.

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The design is too basic and also a bit outdated.

  • Replace actual images with some stock images, this will make your item more attractive.
  • Do not use real product images in your item:
  • Add some real content here. This is less than lorem ipsum
  • These products are really low. Add some more attractive images
  • Replace content§ font. Make your H1-H6 use one font, and the content another font. Search on google for some font combinations.
  • Improve the colors
  • Change font. Is not readable
  • Align that dropdown arrow:
  • Add some space between these buttons. Remove the 1px border

There are a lot of issues with this item. Try to make these changes, then take a look at some approved designs and learn how to use font combinations, spacing, level of required premium images and more.


Thank you @ThemeSLR for giving me your precious time. Please give me your some time again. I updated theme please have a look now.

Thank you @JeriTeam for pieces of advice and support. I updated theme kindly please have a look now.

  • Typography could be better esp line heights and font choices

  • Footer widgets seem very crowded

  • Not sure the boxed styling works on the carousel of products as it makes each product and description feel very cramped and leaves a lot of white space either side

  • Subscribe field and button don’t align and are very small in terms of type, layout etc.

  • Grid of products is not bad but could be nicer with switching images of products as an alternative to zooming, some kind of product filter or taxonomy etc.

  • List version of products does not rigger anything and feels a bit squashed top/bottom again with a lot of empty space surrounding it

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Dear @charlie4282 , @ThemeSLR and @JeriTeam

Hope you all will be fine and Happy New Year

I updated my design kindly please give me some time again to have a look on my theme.

and I am very thankful for all of your advises and support.

Kind Regards

It’s better than it was but still:

  • Typography still needs quite a bit of work esp font choice and hierarchy incl body content, product captions etc.

  • The product link goes to the list version and still doesn’t click through anywhere

  • Mobile spacing and padding issues

  • Generally the design feels a bit outdated (typography doesn’t help) and needs tidying up - thing attention to detail and quality over quantity of options.

This is a highly competitive category with some seriously strong items in it and while yours isn’t awful it needs more refinement and features to compete/approve

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Dear @charlie4282 hope you’re enjoying happy new year moments.

I worked on Typography, Mobile Issues, and added some effects. I just need from you a look on my theme again.

and I am very thankful for your all advises and support.

Thank You
Kind Regards

Again it’s no bad but I still think that these little tweaks here and here are not going to cure the problem of being able to compete.

I am happy to be proved wrong and feel free to submit it as I am not a reviewer but in my view, while it’s ok it is simply sill not in the league with many files for sale here in this category in terms of attention to detail, quality of design, hierarchy, structure and versatility.

  • The blank products really don;t add any premium value/feel. Try looking on stock sites etc. for some kind of branded (just not super brands like clinic) stuff.

  • The body copy is much better but the typography generally still needs a lot of work in line height, styling and hierarchy especially and the Oswald title fonts really don’t suit the style of site

  • The sign up email form at the bottom of the home is still very small

    These are really just some of the problems and you need to think about the bigger picture.

  • The attention to detail and need to “finish” pages forms part of the first big issue.

  • By far and away the big problem is the design simply is not up to par with the big sellers here and does not really offer anything unique.

  • Lastly is the structure of the site - there feels like a pile of pages rather than a structured flow.

e.g. all the product list options go to the same products page. This is better than not going anywhere but if you look at others for sale they all go to specific categories that relate to the link.

This structure challenge adds to other issues and makes the site feel unfinished in places and quite a confused UX.

I am not tying to beat you up on his but I fear you will spend ages trying to get this approved without luck.

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