Suggestion: Popular Files

Inspired by the recent addition of Category division links at the top of the Popular Items pages, I took some time to think about where I’d like to see things going from here.

My general opinion is that even if this is a welcomed step in the right direction, there is still plenty to do when it comes to giving more balanced exposure to popular files. The main problem with the page as of today is that items from a few popular categories totally overshadow items in other categories, that may be selling well relatively to other items in that category.

By listing the popular items divided into categories, there is more diversity presented to potential buyers, and more opportunity for authors to engage in less saturated categories. The first problem with this approach is of course that the page would be unnervingly long, if all categories featured 50 items each. Bringing item count down to 5 per category would help, but it simply takes up too much valuable space to present all categories. Also, just listing a few items per category would have to include a sorting algorithm in order to avoid giving some categories undeserved top exposure (i.e. categories starting with an “A”).

My idea is to sort the categories by the number of sales that the best selling item in that category has. That way, the top 5 items will essentially be the same as in the current layout (friends of Avada and other top converters will find plenty relief in this :wink: ) Furthermore, not all categories are presented, but only the 10 categories that has the top selling items. So, if “Corporate” has the biggest seller, it will be listed first, and then the second biggest seller, maybe in “Cinematic”, will determine the next category, and so on. This way categories are somewhat objectively sorted in order of item popularity.

All category titles should be linking to a full page of popular files in that category (just like the random category links work as of today). I created a mock-up (image below) to illustrate how this could look on the page. For what it’s worth, take a look and think about how this would work in practice. Feel free to comment and raise your opinions - even if this is all just a hypothetical sketch, you never know who are reading the forums :sunglasses:

Click image to download the full version:

Items are only for illustration and do not necessarily belong in the listed categories, but you get the picture.

If you don’t know what to think of all this, here is a rundown of the pros and cons:


  • Diversified category exposure while still retaining popularity relevance ordered by sales
  • Buyers are presented with a more balanced menu of what the marketplaces have to offer
  • Links to categories with separate full page display enhances the experience and provide ample bookmarking opportunities
  • Authors may find it more worthwhile to dedicate efforts toward new trending categories
  • More pages and keywords to use in the SEO mix


  • Popular categories receive less exposure
  • Re-designed pages create confusion and a new distribution of conversions
  • Top sellers who thrive on being stuck to the popular files page may dissent

I’m guessing 50% of authors have spent so much time trying to get into the popular files page that they’ve stopped thinking about what’s wrong with it. The other 50% will surely agree that something needs to be done. And then of course there’s the less than 0.1% that are currently featured on the current page and wouldn’t like anything to change at all… at least not yet :wink: