Suggestion: Paid Video Tutorial - Redux Framework

Hi everyone. I know there’s a redux framework tutorial in their very own site but I find it overwhelming for me. Yep, I’m not a web developer, I’m a web designer. But I would really really love to learn more about Redux Framework.

I’ve been searching, lynda, udemy, and a lot of other video tutorial sites for this but to no avail. I would love to pay for someone who will make a video tutorial in English from Scratch to Finish.

Functionalities I would love to learn:

  • Upload IMG Logo or use Text Logo as an option.
  • Slider/Carousel integration (backend to front)
  • Google Font Integration for Body, Header tags, and to specific text element.
  • Theme Style switcher using redux (Color Switcher)
  • Theme Page Style switcher (Full/Wide and boxed)
  • Can Add Social Links
  • Can Add Custom CSS / JS
  • Adding Redux on the Pages (dashboard > pages) like ACF does.
  • Add/Update/Delete Elements in the homepage.

What I know:

  • Html5
  • CSS3
  • TW Bootstrap 3
  • Basic jQuery
  • WP Templating from scratch.

If someone who is willing to do this. or know a site that have this tutorial, I’d be glad to subscribe or pay them.

Heh, lead dev of Redux here. What do you mean from start to finish? I’m always interested in paid work. :stuck_out_tongue: