Suggestion - Multiple Purchases of 1 Item, Labeling would be nice


I have to buy several licenses of the same items on Themeforest. It would be really awesome if I could label each purchase in the “Downloads” page with a little text. I.E. Avada - George’s | Slider Revolution - Stacy’s. So it’s not Avada | Avada | Avada | Avada with no clue to which one belongs to what client.


Or you can centralize the licenses into a Sheet(If you have hundreds of purchases, otherwise for 1/2 clients the effort is useless) and add the project name next to each license key.

Just a quick solution. Maybe is not the best one :wink:


I already do that with an Excel sheet. It sucks to click through and check license numbers for each purchase when I need to renew someone’s support.

Another option would be to create a collection for each client. You can create “Collection client 1”, “Collection client 2”, “Collection client 3” etc and each collection would contain the items you bought/would buy for a certain client :slight_smile:

Collections on Envato Market are easy manageable, easy to create, to add items…


How do make collections? That sounds perfect!

hello @brandyqk @hevada

Login in themeforest and click on collections or click here:

Click New Collections :

Open item and add in collection which you created:

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Perfect! Thank you so much!



Great to here it worked for you.

You are welcome :slight_smile: