[Suggestion] Good User Name


I want to change my username. Can anyone suggest me a good name.



Yes i can suggest some usernames…
Change the dash from this: “_” to this: “-” and keep the letters… hehe! Just kidding! : -)

Down below i have some (in case you want to have one of the words “theme” or “ville”):

  • ThemeCodex
  • StockThemes
  • Themex
  • XThemes
  • ThemeJungle
  • ThemeWorks
  • GhostTheme
  • RocketTheme
  • ThemeVision
  • ThemeIdeas
  • VilleCode
  • SpaceVille
  • VilleSquare
  • VilleGroup
  • VillePress
  • VilleDesigns
  • VilleWorks
  • VilleLab
  • VillePixels
  • VilleFactory

or just play with the words,
End of thoughts… : -)

sevenstyles? industrykidz? lol in short the names of killers lol but they are already using them lol, maybe u can put a “2” behind lol kidding lol

Thanks for your suggestions… :smiley: but now confused between ThemeCodeX, Xthemes and ThemeVision… :stuck_out_tongue:


Just a thought: “ThemeCodeX” and “Xthemes” gives me the first impression that you are associated with the high selling X WordPress theme…

For me:

  1. ThemeVision
  2. ThemeCodeX
  3. XThemes

I don’t know, i like the word “Vision” maybe… :slight_smile:

Maybe you would be interested in
Theminator :smile:
Just kidding sorry for this :sunny: