Suggestion for review team's working schedule!

I would like to propose to set the working schedule for approving files from Monday till Thursday. In case if to do this it will help to avoid fall of tracks in the searching list. This is because at weekend there are low sales. What do you think about this suggestion?

Friday is a good day, but if track will be approved on this day it will anyway drop down at the weekend.


That’s a good idea! +1

-1 from me.

I don`t think this will change things a lot.
-1 from me

KingLeo please understand that Envato need to approve tracks every day of the week to be able to keep up with the amount of files being uploaded. And if they “held up” approved tracks throughout the weekend to publish them all on mondays, it would just become a big mess with a huge list of tracks each Monday. Gosh everybody keeps talking about the problem of tracks being approved on the weekends. :stuck_out_tongue: Don’t just expect your track to be forgotten in a couple of days, SEO it properly and make it visible forever!


Are you crazy? The home page will be the same job all weekend. And review the tracks will be 20+ days.

If reviewers will be work harder on the weekdays time of approve will not increase.

Are they not working hard enough currently? Hopefully they don’t read the forums or your number of hard rejects might increase slightly! :wink:

I think it’s a bad idea. IMHO.

Folks the review times will fluctuate during the year and of course reviewers do indeed have private lives and commitments. Reviewing is not just solely for our means but to maintain integrity of the library.:slight_smile:

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So if my file gets approve don Thursday I get 4 days front page exposure as opposed top someone approved 24-48 hours earlier? This is not really fair and will lead to a huge number of complaints.

Plus believe me the reviewers do work very hard - there are countless reasons for delays

+1 For the idea, I see it great, because beyond that can pass 3, 5, 8, 10 days standby, our work is not lost in the jungle

Reading between the lines of what is actually being said here, let me say this: The biggest (if not ONLY) reason why an author gets long-term sales on an item is because of quality and meeting the basic economics of supply and demand. If someone produces an amazing item, and it’s something that customers need/want, the probability of selling that item increases.

Ultimately, the day or time it is released is a “nice to have” at best, but never a “must have”.

Even if reviewers worked the days/times you suggested, your item may still not get the homepage or “new items page” exposure you’re hoping for because of the quantity of submissions that would get approved during that time.

If you think of Envato Market as a grocery store, customers don’t go to the grocery store to buy the most recent product that’s put on the shelf - customers go to the grocery store to get a specific item they need that they like to eat/consume. If Jane Doe wants to buy eggs for the cake she’s baking, she’s not going to buy washing-up liquid that’s being unboxed and put on the shelf while she’s at the store. :slight_smile:

Hope these thoughts and the analogy helps. :thumbsup:


I know that reviewers working hard, but tracks approved on weekend could be deleted, cause it falling in the search list.

Thanks for your answer, Scott.
But new files which are purchased several times in the first-second day is going up but tracks that came on weekend are dropping down even if their quality is high. And for clients it’s hard to find them. :frowning:

Totally understand what you’re saying. :thumbsup: It’s kinda like life in general though. Focus on the things that you can control. As of right now, publication day/time is not something one can always time to perfection.

Take a look at this specific example:

PinkZebra has a track called “Warm Summer Music”. It has sold 3,000+ times. It was published on a Sunday back in 2011. It’s not currently on the Popular Items page. It still sold today however. Therefore, it’s about search + finding music appropriate for a project. It’s not necessarily about what’s new, what’s on the home page, or what’s currently popular.

Here’s another example with a less well-known author to make the same point: MonsterSoundMusic started selling on AudioJungle last month. He only has 2 items. One of his items (called “Epic”) was published on a Friday. It’s already sold 30 times. It’s not on the popular items page. Yet it’s sold 3 times in the past 24 hours.

I really don’t think date/time of publication is the “holy grail” that some people think it is. Again, a “nice to have”, absolutely, but not a “must have”. :thumbsup:


Harsh words,harsh words…

the thing that we have this forum doesn’t mean we have any word in making their plans/schedules/business model, nor we should have. You don’t just go to bakery and tell people when to bake and when to sleep…

MetroMusic, We have the rights to discuss.

Of course we have