Suggestion - Email Updates to multiple emails

I would like to be able to have notification updates go to multiple emails so my web developer can get them automatically without me always having to monitor and forward.

This should be a feature in envato or at least in the support area for templates, especially when we’re paying annually for support.

You should consider submitting a ticket to Envato Help Team. There is a section Site Feedback -> Improve the site. I’m afraid that maybe the Envato stuff will not see this suggestion here.

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Plus, when we update an item, we have the option to notify the users who purchased our items, via email. But we still don’t have the option to include some text to notify users with a more proper email with more info.

So yes, the item is updated but what is the update?
What has been fixed with this new update?

It would be great to add some text there.
(Sorry for the design, but you see the idea.)


You can simply use a Change Log in the description of the item or on your own website or into the documentation file.

Client is now notified when the update is released. The it goes to Change Log and see what’s new/improved/fixed etc.

That’s not user friendly.

Surely it’s an option (and a beneficial one) to include update information on the item’s description page but it can cause a mess, especially when it comes to “monster sellers” (i.e. some themes get updates too frequently)

The best would be an option to include a text inside the email to be sent to buyers. :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys! I will give site feedback. But I agree with @Bedros, these options should be fields in the update interface.

For me as the creative director and person in charge of the budget, I would love to be able to give access to my developers & designers selectively, but at the very least adding an additional email would help tremendously.

That feature will be helpful.

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Thanks! I’m submitting it.