Suggestion: Add "Recently Viewed Items" for more exposure & better experience



Right now when you visit a category or even home page, a lot of space is wasted-

I think this space can be better used for more exposure to items as well a good user experience in the giant pile of items growing every minute. So how to better use it without violating rules, or being unfair? “Recently Viewed items”, because–

  1. With recently viewed items, there’s no chance of biased results.

  2. It’s a fairly common practice in almost all major eCommerce platforms. Eg- Amazon (Must be giving good results)

  3. It’s easy to get lost and confused in such a big marketplace for a new / avg user. A quick way to see the recently browsed items would help in decision making & might improve conversion.

  4. Would give some extra exposure to items without using any extra resources or space.

Post your views.
I don’t know if this has been suggested already, so if it is, post a link if you can.


Truly useful suggestions Vikram. There must be some space allocated for recently viewed items and top updated items in category view. Hope someone will see this since there is no official response on many important issues here.


True that. Hope so too. :slight_smile: