Suggest me

Here is the template i have made.
Is it ready to be submitted?
give me your feedback.
Thank you.

Please give me your opinions about this

Particles need to be layered to be good. For example you can have a different layer for :

Big particles
Small Particles
Ambient Particles
Blur Particles
Glow Particles

And all of these layers would be just for your background. The explosion itself needs more layers of details as well. It’s very easy to overdo this and turn it in a big mess, do NOT go crazy with the particles, but add more layers to create a more dynamic and visually appealing effect

Maybe some of the bigger and glowier particles are reflected on the background too? You can experiment with that
Then fine-tune all of these layers to create an interesting and believable effect without it not being too overwhelming
Also consider adding some very subtle smoke and dust.

With that being said, I think you’re facing a rejection. I give it 20% chance as it is currently

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Thank you Voxyde for your suggestion.
I will take care of all the things you told me.

I feel it’s a bit repetitive. In my opinion the text is a bit clean, but maybe that’s just me… the text does seem very big though. And I think the particles are maybe a bit too prominent.