suggest me about my new PC .

This is very big for me. So I need to to win a most wanted Contest of Envato. Right?

32gb ram is nice to have, but you probably won’t need it, so better chose a faster 16gb ram with low cl time

Another thing -
I have now this config -
Ram - 4GB SK Hynix , Memory Type:DDR3 SDRAM
Processor - Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
HARD DISK - Seagate (232 gb)
Cabinet - iball

Monitor Name: AOC TFT1780

If I use an ssd 250gb(Samsung) in this config, is my pc will go fast?
Also, can I use this ssd to my future pc?
Plz reply

Hi arnab,
In india you could not get a good system in 50k
Recently My cousin bought a new system which is assembled he got it for around 75 to 85 thousand rupees

Go for

I7 4890k is good one
Well for motherboard Its on your choice but try to take Asus Motherboard because service is good in india
Try to take 24 Gb ram I will recommend to take Gskill ripjaws with dual channel support with minimum 1600 to 1800 mhz
Next try to take a Coolermaster N400 or N600 case according your budget
And also I personally prefer Coolermaster SmpS with minimum of 800w and above if you want to upgrade in future
And then for the graphics card Even you can go for GTX 780 or GTX 960 ti(budget one)
For the hard disks go for samsung SSD evo with 256GB
and for the STorage Go for Seagate Barcuda Pipeline Drive which is used for servers
Dont buy it from Online you can massively different in prices when you compare it

It was my Experice As I am having right now is Hp Z800 workstation and also HAving XW8600 workstation with me
before that I have used Amd fx 6100 with 16GB ram and Graphic card of GTX660Ti

I have worked in I7 processors too comparitively slightly on upperhand on amd when it compared to performance and sync

I hope you got the answer And for the monitor if your are planning try to take AOC Bezel less Monitor it was Good I have tested it

take a look at this article it is in portuguese but it might be helpful if you use a translator

I bought myself a computer with the following config:

i7 4790
Gigabyte Geforce GTX 950 2GB XTREME EDITION GDDR5
motherboard Gigabyte GA-B85M-D3PH
2x Memory Kingston HyperX Fury 8GB HX316C10F/8
HD Seagate 1000GB 7200 RPM
XFX 600W XT 80+

Thanks buddy … Are you from India?
Which AOC monitor do you using? Tel me exact model. Then I will go for that.
Also why not Samsung monitor? One of my friend suggest me for Samsung .

What monitor you have ?

I’m sticking with my old one for now, it’s a 21.5" LCD Dell, widescreen

Which model ?

Dell D2201


hi man ,
i dont think 32gb of ram is useful considering only web and graphic designing. I would go for 8-16gb of ram and instead use the money on other parts . For monitors i still used my BenQ GL2450, cheap but really good :slightly_smiling:

Please suggest an AOC Bezel-less ips monitor model with with height and angle adjustment like asus pb238q 23" .

It will be fit for me. In this time I have decided for asus pb238q 23".
Please reply…

Iam talking about this one

it was 27 inch monitor
but it was also available in 24 inches too

Is there Tilt , Swivel , Pivot feature like ASUS PB238Q

Please reply…

This one is also good
I did not use it but most of my friends had it they are said good abut it :slight_smile:

I realy like it on youtube. Are you using it? Yes it has Tilt, Swivel, Pivot features that I was looking for…
What about the price? Are you from India buddy?

i dont think so
every monitor will have tilt mode
some monitors will have Height adjustments too
the asus monitor that you showing is different
plz refer to the link and try to read the features before you go for my suggestions

If I go for purchase I will only see the features that was coming with monitor in my budget or not

first one is bezel less
second one is prefers work in only 24 or 27 inch monitor only that gives me more interest to stick with work
third one is clarity with 100% NTSC Display which I rarely see on monitors

Which one are you using ?

Are you from India buddy? Another this if I use 2 8gb ram side by side. It it will be better than one 16gb?