Suggest a theme for my website

Please suggest me a theme for my website.

Here is my requirements:

I want to launch a NGO discovery platform to donate and volunteer. I’m looking for a technology partner that can build the MVP (minimum viable product) for us. Below are the major features we want in the website:

· Powerful search driven by location and NGO category

· NGO pages

· Admin area from where we can make NGO pages live

· Causes pages (8-10)

· 10 pages (homepage, Donate, Volunteer, Contact Us, etc.)

· Chat functionality

· Blog

· Signin page

· Donor dashboard (created when someone makes his first donation)

· Payment gateway

· Option to pay one-time and monthly

Below are the details we don’t want to compromise on:

· Perfect mobile and desktop experience

· Scalable technology

· Search engine friendly solution

There is no such template. People things that there is template or plugin for any possible job .

@Zaccc is completely right - that is a (complex) custom build.

If you have time and a sensible budget then you can look on for s freelancer, but you will also need to consider the technical, hosting etc. for that type of site.